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Why I Deleted Instagram

Lauren Michelle838 views

It’s 2017 so this may be a shocker to some  all of you. Today we think the more social media accounts we have, the better. This wasn’t the case for me. I literally just deleted my Instagram account less than two hours ago.

Two hours ago I did the whole “5-second rule” (no, I didn’t eat food off the ground to make this decision!) and looked at my Souled on T.E.A Instagram where the button read “Delete Account,” counted to five, and just hit the damn thing. This wasn’t something I did on a whim for no reason; this was a decision I’ve been thinking about for a few months now. I just needed that 5-second rule to trust my gut and get the job over with.

To all my social media freaks and geeks, here’s the reason to my madness:

  • I went in with the wrong intention

I created my Souled on T.E.A with the intention of engaging my brand and content with an audience, but it wasn’t my only intention. Honestly, I began to focus on the numbers and was itching for them to skyrocket. As if the numbers would give me value or make me a more successful and better blogger. LOL what kind of thinking is that?

  • Hosting multiple accounts became a pain!

I had THREE Instagram accounts to look after: the blog, my personal account, and one for the company I work full-time for. Scheduling posts for three Instagrams became a nuisance, time-consuming, and stressful. Making sure the quality for all three accounts were 100% was not difficult (because ya girl is a perfectionist), but I noticed that the posts on my personal and blog Instagram were exceptionally similar.

  • Two Instagrams –> two personalities?

I don’t think so! Like I said, my personal Instagram account and my blog Instagram were almost identical in terms of quality, types of photos, and content. The only difference was that I did not advertise my blog posts consistently on my personal account – why not, Lauren? YOU ARE YOUR BLOG! In a way, it felt like two different personalities. If it’s me, then I should have nothing to hold back & if unfollowing happens because it is not the content my personal followers were expecting, then I highly encourage the unfollow. I don’t believe in following something/someone who does not surpass your expectations or provide the service you were looking for; I wouldn’t want anyone to do so for me! Since my two Instagrams were similar, I do not believe that I will have too big of an issue with this. We follow people on Instagram because we are nosey and are curious about their lifestyles. If both accounts portrayed my life honestly, then what’s the purpose of me hosting two different accounts? I don’t have two lives and it is only fair to show my raw self and content, in both my life and my blog on one platform.


Whether I have 10 or 10,000 social media followers ceases to be important when I put my phone down and join reality around me. The followers that are important are the ones by your side every day. Instagram followers can be there for you virtually and help you globalize, but they never determine your value or success.

This would be the perfect timing to play Camp Rock

On my blog planner, I have a few words printed on my logo: TRUST your gut, QUALITY over quantity, LEAD by example, and BELIEVE in your power. What kind of person/blogger would I be if I can’t act upon the words I set up for myself to see every day?

**Whatever change you want to make, I hope you lead by example in trusting your gut and believe in your power to provide quality over quantity to exceed your expectations**


If you want to check out my content for my blog deets and everyday normalities,  you can follow my only Instagram at @laurenmichhiiee & join the T.E.A community at www.facebook.com/souledontea


  1. Oh my gosh, you are so brave. I’ve thought of deleting some of my social media accounts for some of the same reasons you listed in your post. It just takes too much time out of my day.

    1. Glenda,

      Before deleting it, maybe try deactivating it and deleting the app so you don’t have the urge to go on it all the time, since it is taking up a lot of your day! That way, you will ease yourself into not using it as much and find different and more natural ways to spend your time!

  2. I have actually just been thinking about this. I’m trying to be conscious of not flooding my personal life with blogging stuff. Fir example I created a blog Facebook page. I think I actually need to seiarate my Instagram too though. I just hate the idea of overwhelming people with blog. I agree, it needs to be quality.

  3. I do get it, but of all my social media channels, Insta is my favorite and the one that does the best for me.

  4. I personally LOVE Instagram, but if I had three accounts, I’d go crazy too. I just have the one, so it’s not overwhelming to me. I’ll check out your one account 🙂

  5. I have to admit that I gasped out loud when I read that you deleted your Instagram account. I understand why you did it though. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s one of the ways I keep up with family far and wide, I might just do it myself.

  6. I completely understand your issues with social media. I have a few accounts for my job, personal and my website. It can become a bit much at times.

  7. I imagine this was a huge relief for you. I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram myself – I’m there to interact and grow my brand, but social media just isn’t my favorite thing.

  8. I agree that social media platforms are driving everyone crazy. I honestly believe that dedicating energy on two social media platforms is enough. Nice post!

    1. Taking care of 3 social media accounts made it feel like that is what I spent most of my time on and I would never want to spend more time on social media than reality! Thank you, Muna.

  9. Good for you and like you said the accounts were merging into one so it makes sense to keep one. It must have been such hard work managing three accounts x

  10. Awww I feel sad that you deleted it. But I know the feeling of numbers and I managed to get over it. I NEVER schedule posts. It’s too much of a hassle and takes aways from the spontaneity that I like to have with my Instagram. Yesterday my phone charger went bad and I didn’t post for a WHOLE day. Normally I would be freaking out but I’m fine. I’ve learned to go with the flow

    1. It definitely a change that I am going to have to get used to! I agree, scheduling posts seems a but impersonal and I like to do it when I feel it is necessary! Going with the flow can feel weird at first but can definitely help you adjust to the environment when things don’t go as planned!

  11. I enjoyed reading this post and your point of view. If you have a business, then yes, what’s literally around you is far more important.

  12. I totally get it this! It’s so important to follow your gut, not only in business and such but personal things. It’s always served people well!

  13. Congratulations for sharing this posts, though a lot freaks out when their socila media accounts will be deleted (hacked or intentional). The good thing is, you can always start fresh!

  14. There comes a time when we get tired of our social media accounts and just decide to delete everything. It’s true, everyone that matters isn’t online, they’re the ones beside us.

  15. Sometimes a detox is simply not enough, you really will be tempted to delete your account. It’s perfectly understandable. It can be too much especially if you’re running 3 accounts. I think you really needed that’s why you never hesitated.

  16. I think it is great that you decided to delete your account. My instagram gives me joy. I look forward to sharing my photos on instagram. (Although, I don’t care about the numbers that go with instagram. I just like sharing my photos. Just like I enjoy sharing my blog.

  17. I love your courage and your quote about overcoming fear. By all means, we need to make and do things that we think can contribute goodness to our self.

  18. I know it must be difficult. I manage about 4 although only one is mine, my personal account as like you say your blog is you so why have two accounts?!

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