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Meet Me Mondays: Laurin Conlin & Paul Revelia

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This Meet Me Mondays episode shows that even though this duo has large social media followings, have their pro cards, and are successful entrepreneurs, they are consistently working towards their dream lives. They are willing to put in the effort, self-discipline and hustle to see results. They both have hit walls of challenges and still do when producing content. 

Meet Laurin Conlin & Paul Revelia. 

When filming Laurin and Paul, I wasn’t just meeting two entrepreneurs, coaches, and competitors; I met two extremely knowledgeable, goofy, open-minded, friends working together to provide content to help people redefine what healthy means to them.

Redefine Healthy Radio was created by Laurin and Paul on a plane ride home last year from Junior Nationals. They realized that over time in their fitness endeavors, their perspectives have been reshaped and that it is beneficial to be open to learning different techniques.  The purpose of their podcast is to educate those they cannot reach through one on one coaching, but to also have on guests who do not share the same views. Opening up new ideas, challenges, and giving their audience the chance to figure out what healthy means to them.

Laurin Conlin, IFBB Bikini Pro from the 2014 NPC Nationals and certified personal trainer, doesn’t only enjoy fitness for a hobby. She has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Exercise Science. Just because she has degrees in Exercise Science doesn’t mean she’s done learning either; she continues to do research and uses the knowledge she has to provide the highest quality of services to her clients, clothing line, YouTube videos, and podcasts. It doesn’t stop there either. She Co-hosts TWO podcasts: Redefine Healthy Radio and The UNglamorous Life with Celeste Bonin.

Paul Revelia, NGA Pro and overall winner in 2009, is the owner of ProPhysique. Paul uses his knowledge and experience from his 20 years in fitness to help the ProPhysique team reach their desired physique goals. He is a full-time entrepreneur, husband, and father. Yet he still Co-hosts Redefine Healthy Radio, attends college courses, and creates content on Youtube for over 28,000 subscribers.


  • You can impact many people in multiple different ways. You may have a specific craft that you are good at, but you have the ability to impact others around you in an array of ways. Laurin and Paul are both health & fitness coaches, but impact more than their clientele through attending expos, seminars, social media and their podcasts.
  • Your dream life CAN start with financial stability. When you have financial stability, you are able to go out and do the things you enjoy that require those factors (i.e: traveling).
  • You should always be building towards your dream life. You have to be able to go through the big and small steps to reach your end goal. This could be “small business pains,” learning how to hire in, focusing on your weaknesses and not only your strengths, etc.
  • Even after being in an office career for 15 years, you can change and become your own boss. It is possible. You have to be able to put yourself in the position to live the life that you want and continue to live it. 
  • It all really starts with YOU. Challenge yourself to stick with self-development. We think a lot about “if I had this” or “if I had that” and those pieces making us successful. To have those resources, you need to have your own foundation. Without a personal foundation you will not be successful. Read a new book, listen to a new podcast a week, try new drills, etc.
  • Do not let yourself get too comfortable – it can create a rut. It’s easy to not push for what’s next, but stepping outside your comfort zone allows you to find information to push yourself and grow.
  • Health and fitness looks different to everybody. What does healthy mean to you? Are you open to new ideas, plans, drills, and foods?
  • You can be grounded in your beliefs and still be open to new ideas. Being grounded in your beliefs is not the same as being hard headed. Allow yourself to look at life from other people’s points of view. Understand where other people are coming from. Keep your options open, but do not forget what you stand for.
  • To be a great example to people, you don’t have to have all of the answers. It can really just boil down to being the best ___ you could possibly be.
  • Do you think when you leave your interactions with people, you’ve impacted them to think “Because I knew ____ my life was better?”

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