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Many of you may not know who Jack Lenton is, but let me tell you, he is about to take the world by storm. He’s going to turn into the name that first comes to mind when you think “fitness industry success.” Jack Lenton is the director of Be.Fitness, an online platform that is partnering with the world’s top fitness athletes to teach people the steps to fitness industry success. BeFitness is currently in the prelaunch stage, but when you see the big reveal you will NOT be disappointed. I’m getting excited with giggles and anticipation just telling y’all about it.

From his Meet Me Monday series, it is no joke that this man takes life head on. He’s self aware. Ready for adventure. Always up to interact with great people. All about taking action. Creative. A successful former physique coach and consultant. Intelligent. He is Jack Lenton.

Instead of me telling you what you’re going to think of Jack and his soon to be world fitness domination, let me tell you who Jack Lenton is to me. At first, he was just this British bloke I met while working my part time job in college, getting “parcels” for him, telling him his total for rent, and making side conversation while he passed by (it might have been the accent that got me – typical American, I know). Quicker than I could ever imagine, Jack became more than an acquaintance, he became a life long best friend. He’s more than that best friend that you do dumb shit with (even though we’ve had plenty of those moments resulting in cop encounters, James Bond moves, and rafiki sticks). Jack is a full-time supporter, a legit life enthusiast, someone who does not boast, a man who will challenge you to your core (physically in the gym and mentally), always interested in a deep conversation, a man who is not afraid to be vulnerable, and most importantly, someone who can never be replaced.

I did not interview Jack because of BeFitness. I interviewed Jack because he’s someone who has made an impact on my life, encouraged me to take the jump into Meet Me Mondays and is probably Souled on T.E.A’s number one fan (besides my mom of course). I interviewed Jack because I knew you could learn something from his series.

LENTON LEARNT (get it? Sounds like “Lesson Learned”… anyways…)

  • Actively participate in the goings-on around you. Being aware of your environment, the events, and the people means you are living in the PRESENT. Don’t experience the yesterdays. Don’t wait to experience tomorrow. Experience life NOW.
  • You can live your dream life if you choose to live in that state. Set yourself up to live that life. It’s not easy. It takes hard work, but you have the ability and the mindset to make those changes and live the way you want to. Play & tussle & wrestle with the flow of life.
  • ACTION. Taking action will only lead you to overcoming the challenges you are bound to face. Are you going to allow the inertia of life to get you by? Are you going to sit there and expect things to be handed to you? Or are you going to take action and create and get what you want because YOU worked for it?
  • You only have the power to live life to the fullest every single day. You don’t have the power to control the days when you’re no longer on this earth. Whether or not you leave behind a legacy, the importance should be found in living up to the values, beliefs, morals, and goals that you set for yourself on a daily basis.


Instagram: www.instagram.com/_jacklenton

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_JackLenton

Website: https://www.jacklenton.com

BeFitness Website: Be.Fitness

BeFitness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BeFitnessOnline/

BeFitness Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeFitnessOnline


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