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A Letter from Someone Who Doesn’t Have a “Dream Job”

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When I am asked what my dream job is, I try to think of this elaborate answer to blow your mind, but I just ain’t got one for ya. There are some that I think would be cool, but none that I’d want to do day in and day out (except for being a full-time puppy owner). Yes I’m young, yes I don’t have everything figured out and yes I still have tons of opportunities to come across, BUT it’s not the fact of having everything planned out; it’s about having “enough” in life and knowing what that is.

What is my dream?  I dream to live fully.  I’m in love with LIFE (yes I totally know I sound like a complete hippie right now). Every aspect of it. People. Experiences. The here and now. Memories. Adventure. Success. Failure. Cultural diversity… People are asked all the time (trust me, even I did), “If you could do anything in the world what would be your dream job?” Why is there an emphasis on the job? Of course, jobs are important and can be a necessity to live; I understand, I have one. I’ve finally realized that what I have mistaken for so long, the struggle of finding a dream job, is no mistake at all. Instead, I have a dream life. My life is my career. My life is my job. Everything I do should be to work towards my dream life. Having no dream job and just a dream life may sound dangerous or even fantasy-like to some of you, but it’s not. Striving for a dream life is not striving for perfection. It’s having enough.

 I’m able to have a dream life by evaluating my “enoughs.” It can look something like this: Traveling is enough. Exploring is enough. Learning is enough. Love of a family is enough. Sustaining healthy relationships is enough. Living is enough. These “enoughs” are all that I need to create my dream life. I don’t need to wait for the wave of success from the dream job to tell me that it’s the only “enough”.

You are guaranteed to get enough when you define it. You only find enough when you tell enough where to be found – Jon Acuff

Don’t mistake this for being busy but not getting anywhere. Don’t mistake this for working hard but not actually doing the hard work. I still use my skills and services to be present and push through to reach my goals when I could be slacking. I do the hard work because it allows me to work hard. I still pay attention to the nitty-gritty and pursue things other people don’t want to do. Having a dream job does not define the hard work I put into creating my life. Having a dream life motivates me so I can put in the hard work to work hard.

Order your dream life now and pay for it every day

How do I support my dream life of “enoughs?” A dream life is no fairy tale, it’s just like working towards a dream job. There is serious hustle involved. Those who don’t have a dream job don’t always slack in creating a future for themselves. Hustle is done by doing the things every day that gets me closer and closer to my aspirations and my purpose. If I can work towards these “enoughs” every day, then I am living and achieving my dreams. I’ve seen people work towards a “dream job” because of the payoff it will have for them in the future and I have met people who have “making money” as one of their “enoughs;” this is something I will never understand because

Making money isn’t always easy and it sure won’t make you happy, which is why it is so odd we’re so concerned with making money. Money won’t keep me from leaving or stop me from grieving. Life ain’t cheap and not all good things are free but when it comes to money there is no “enough” and no too much. – Making Money by Ben Rector.

I’m tired of probing people with the phrase, “What’s your dream job?”

It’s time to start asking, “What is your dream life?”

Dream jobs focus on the why of why you did something, but uncovering and defining your “enoughs” focus on the why in why you are here. Allow your enoughs to push you to live your life the way you do. My advice to you is, don’t spend 9 hours a day ticking along with time because of the future payoff. Find something challenging, thought-provoking and moving. When we pursue, day in and day out, the “enoughs” that brings us fulfillment, then our perceptions about ourselves, our motivation and our relationships change. We begin to live our dream life.


Someone who is putting in the hard work for more than a dream job.


This letter is not to put a bad connotation on the phrase “dream job” or degrade those who have a dream job. If you have a dream job, do the hard work – just don’t forget about your “enoughs.” This letter is to relate to others who don’t have that “dream job.” To those who can’t decide right now on what career they want for the rest of their lives. This is to those who have a free spirit (here’s hippie Lauren chiming in). Most importantly this is to those who are so infatuated with life, dream job or not. Just like walking away from a Bachelors Degree, life will change over the course of time and I may or may not find one dream job for the rest of my life.

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