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Why I’m moving to AUSTRALIA!!

Lauren Michelle217 views

At the end of January I will be selling, donating, and trashing ALL of my material items, packing up only my clothes and essentials into ONE checked bag to hop on a plane to AUSTRALIA. SOLO.

YOUTUBE VLOG NOW UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnClJM_ddDo

I’m not just traveling to Australia for vacation or holiday. I am MOVING to Australia. I will be moving there for anywhere between six months to a year. The goal is a full year.

BUT WHY LAUREN?! Because I ain’t no 9-6 job kinda gal. I am currently working for a company that I have been with for 3 years (since my freshman year of college). I have actually been promoted TWICE in management within the last 5 months. I make a good salary for a 22 year old who just got out of college & I work with GREAT people. BUT, I’m not passionate about my current line of work and do not want to keep it as a career for the rest of my life. Every day that I spend in the office, is a day I am wasting of this company’s. It is not fair to myself nor to the company to waste their time, when someone who is passionate about this line of work could help the company grow more than I can. The only way for me to live a life doing the things I find happiness in, is by actually doing it.

BUT WHAT WILL YOU BE DOING IN AUSSIE? I’m moving Down Under to become an Au Pair. Huh? Is that even English? Many people like to explain being an Au Pair as a live-in nanny gig – it’s much more than that. Being an Au Pair is all about cultural exchange. You are there to be a an older sibling to the child (or children). You are to engage with the family. You are there to fully experience a different culture. You are there to make relationships with the family, other Au Pairs, and people on your travels. The Au Pair lives with the family full time, takes care and spends time with the kids to act as an older sibling, is supplied food, sometimes a vehicle, and a weekly stipend. An Au Pair does not have bills to pay and get’s paid. As told from many stories, being an Au Pair is not always easy, but with the right family it is always rewarding.

The family I will be an Au Pair for for the first 6 months of my stay have two children, twins to be exact (9yrs old, a boy & girl). They live in a very small town in Queensland, supply me with my own room that includes a queen bed, wardrobe, TV, DVD, etc. and plenty of free time when I desire. From emailing, messaging, and Face-timing with the family here is the gist of what I’ll be doing: taking kids to school, free time until it’s time to pick them up, taking them to extra activities, helping with homework, spending time with them, light cleaning and cooking when needed, and just being a part of the family.

DO YOU GET TO TRAVEL? Ohhhhhh yess, baby. One of the raddest things with working with this host family is the amount of free time I will be able to use to travel. My “schedule” with the family is set up as a roster due to their work. I will be working 5-7 days on with the kids/family and then have 5-7 days off. That means 5-7 days off the travel the East coast of Australia!!! I am SUPER blessed that this family supplies me with a vehicle to live out of with cooking items and bedding, as well.

I’LL HAVE MORE TIME FOR THE THINGS I ENJOY. Meeting new people. Creating and cultivating relationships. Traveling. Blogging. Vlogging. Fitness. Food. LIFE.

Like I said above, the only way for me to live a life doing the things I find happiness in, is by actually doing it. The free time I have between the kid’s school and days off will give me the chances to focus on those things. I will be able to travel to new places, try new food, blog and vlog about those places, and meet people from all over the world interested in similar adventures. Not only am I there to be an older sibling to the kids and give love and teach them, but most importantly, the endless things I am going to learn from this family and experience.

IT’S NOT ALL SMILES… That’s right. I’m not talking about working as an Au Pair (I know it’s not all sunshine and rainbows taking care of kids), but I’m speaking about leaving my life back in America. This is a SUPER exciting experience and change. I knew that if I pass up this opportunity I would regret it for the rest of my life. BUT selling everything that I own (as I will not have a home back in America to store my belongings, as my parents are doing the same thing to travel the United States in an RV), is hard for me. I tend to make connections to material things quite easily. For example, someone will basically have to rip all my photos, books, journals, and records out of hands. Overall, the hardest thing to leave will be my family and friends. Even though I am not the only one leaving, as my parents will be traveling the United States and my brother will be moving to Thailand for a short bit, not being in traveling distance to them will be a whole new ball game. Leaving behind friends and relationships I’ve made being in this college town isn’t the easiest either. But because all of my peeps won’t be in the arms distance to me, doesn’t mean we will lose what we have. That’s what life is about – keeping connections and energy between two or more bodies when you can’t be there physically. 

BUT IT GETS EASY! Becoming an Au Pair gets easier because of all of the endless love and support I have been shown throughout the quick process. Without the support, encouragement and external excitement, I don’t think I would be as ready as I am. THANK YOU. Without you people, I’d have more nerves than I could handle. I’m excited to share this experience with you all.

Alright mate, don’t be shocked if I come back with a thick accent, knowing how to surf, unbrushed beach hair, a pet joey, and hundreds of deadly animals…


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