Meet Me Mondays: Gabe Burdulis

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Declining a scholarship to Berklee, one of the highest ranking universities for music in the United States, Gabe Burdulis left his small town in Wisconsin at 18 and moved to Nashville. Since he moved to Nashville, he has been a full time musician, doing exactly what he’s dreamed of doing since the 7th grade.

Gabe’s style of music reminds me of a more airy and acoustic version of John Mayer or Jason Mraz. His vocal tones and harmonies are polished and make an audience feel like they can dance and let loose during a performance. Once of my favorite tracks of his on Spotify (his Spotify profile is linked below!) would have to be “Dear to Me.” He might be a small town Wisconsin boy at heart, but on stage he has opened for the newly famed X Ambassadors and toured with Grammy Award winning band, Los Lobos! It doesn’t stop there, he travels the United States (and in my case, to another country) to perform music for everyone to experience it in their own manner.

I met Gabe 1,730 miles away from Florida…on accident! I actually only “knew” Gabe for 5 days. Within those 5 days, I was able to see a man of kindness, compassion, gentleness, and full of energy. In July I traveled with multiple churches to Grenada, an astounding Caribbean island located near Venezuela, for a mission trip. Gabe came straight from Nashville to work with the organization hosting the camp to perform music for every student, chaperone, and local participating. I didn’t ask Gabe to join the Meet Me Monday series until the last day of the mission trip was approaching, but over the week I saw something in Gabe. He seemed quite shy, but knew how to make a serious connection with the people around him through his music. His music has the ability to captivate those surrounding him no matter if it is back home in the United States or in a different country.

Key Points:

  • People’s dreams can always change and evolve even when you have this same passion from the earliest you can remember
  • Invest in your dream at all times. Investing in your dream may sound strict and scary. It doesn’t have to be. You can continuously work towards your dream life while still doing cool things that you never thought you would be able to do and having a great time doing it. If you can’t enjoy the journey to your dream, how will you enjoy the dream?
  • We are here to challenge ourselves every day.
  • To grow and prosper from your current situation or goal you would like to reach you need to do something different. You need to take action in things you are not used to or feel 100 percent comfortable with. Jump outside your comfort zone!
  • The Chain Reaction – everything we have experienced has had a chain effect on every other experience.  Contemplate if what we are doing is the right and creating that positive chain reaction.
  • Everyone messes up sometimes. That is OKAY. We have the ability to start over and start fresh each day. If we don’t think we have the power to change direction when we mess up, we will just continue that exact pattern and get stuck in a rut. When we realize that we have the ability to change ourselves and learn when we make a mistake, we grow from it and use it to correct the mistake we made.

Make sure to say “Hi” to Gabe and show him some love!

pastedGraphic.png gabeburdulis@gmail.com

pastedGraphic_1.png https://gabeburdulismusic.com

pastedGraphic_2.png gabeburdulis


pastedGraphic_5.png https://twitter.com/gabeburdulis

pastedGraphic_6.png https://www.instagram.com/gabeburdulis/?hl=en

pastedGraphic_7.png https://www.youtube.com/user/gabeburdulis


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