If you ever wanted to explore what the world has to offer, strive for memories instead of material goods, and open your mind to new potentialities, then you are right where you need to be! My mission is to share with you the opportunities and obstacles of everything from a 45-day European backpacking trip to keeping your physical and mental self fit to unearthing the world’s hidden gem eateries.

I have traveled to 15 countries (and counting!), 10 states (and counting!), slept in an array of weird places, tried weird food, and have learned that the notion of having to be rich to feel happy and fulfill your dreams is bullshit, all before turning 21. Living a life of travel, fitness, and food may sound like a dream but it takes real personal experience, research, and love. It’s a constant learning process, but I am looking to share while I discover.  But how am I different? I am a full-time college student who supports herself financially in all aspects. I have been through the struggles of not having enough money to meet rent’s needs, possibly fail college courses, and eat like a college student (the infamous: Ramón noodles).


I am a born and raised Floridian (yes, I like piña coladas and dancing in the rain) that turned into a travel junkie, gym rat, foodie, and a full time, self-supported college student. I knew I had been bit by the travel bug when I went on my first mission trip with my local church  at 15 years old. I have now made it my mission to support myself to travel the world while helping those who are interested in my favorite things:  Traveling, Exercise, and À la carte (plus, I am slightly obsessed with drinking tea). Being outside of my comfort zone, healthy, and full, altered my mindset that made it infeasible to wish to live any other way.

I want my artistry to present an inspirational platform to people of all walks of life.  I’m here for the young hearted and the free spirited. You don’t need to be a certain age to fulfill your dreams. And if you think you are too old and it is too late, YOU are WRONG. You do not need to be born with genius talent to do what you’re passionate about, don’t let fear get in the way. It takes dedication and hard work. As I have to agree with Victor Frankl, there is no need to be jealous of the youth; as we get older we have less possibilities, but as you age you have realities in your past. It’s never too late to fill those possibilities. Let’s create our own realities.

Join my challenge to live more adventurous, healthier, and fuller lives!



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